About Zulu

Mission Statement

The Mission of Zulu Community Protection is to ensure that the needs of the school sites and organizations we serve are met by protecting people and property from those who seek to do harm. Zulu Community Protection is able to fulfill its Mission by deploying dedicated well trained security personnel that are equipped with culturally based, racially aware training. Zulu Community Protection security staff are trained with tactics that decrease the need for official police forces. Critical to our Mission is that we consistently engage services to African American and Latino youth at school sites as a means of empowering them with personal protection techniques and a collective consciousness about their role in positively engaging in protecting their school, family, friends and neighbors.

Principles and Values

Customer Centric Culture

Know the school site/organization and their needs. Ensure the school site/organization’s needs are being met by every action, process and decision.  Make every effort possible to ensure school site/organization satisfaction.

Positive Local Impact

Serve the local community and institutions with a special focus on communities of color.

Positive Youth Engagement

Serve youth of color year-round in a manner that fosters personal and collective empowerment.  Ensure company actions benefit the safety, security and well being of the local community.

Lead with Anti-Bias, Progressive Practices

With knowledge of the often troubled relations communities of color have with official police forces,  lead with a cultural and historical knowledge of our community and utilize de-escalation, compassion, understanding and restorative justice practices that seek to offer opportunities for growth not incarceration.

Perpetual Innovation

Embrace new ideas and technology to strengthen partnerships and service. Solve problems before they arise. Always look forward to ways to incorporate leading edge technology into everyday operations. Always be open for suggestions of how to improve company practices and procedures.

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